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Hey there! We are The Chiams! Born and raised in Brunei, steeped in big dreams of sharing our unique background/culture and sharing the perspective of being musical siblings from a (largely) unknown country, to the world, though our content. We were classically trained (all played piano), took drama/acting at school, with some dance on the side. Growing up, we were blessed with various opportunities to perform in various concert halls, festivals, and arenas representing our home country, and school for many (music) competitions and international events. After high school, we started dabbling in music production. Our musical influences are as diverse as our upbringing and environment.

Our music pulls from pop, classical, traditional/ethnic, broadway, R&B, trap, hiphop, electronica, lofi and even K-pop! Currently, Estr (23) has finished her B.Mus in Piano Performance at McGill University, Eden (21) is in the third year of the Musical Theatre program at Sheridan College and Evan (20) is in Montreal studying Sound Engineering at Recording Arts Canada.

We're most active on Tiktok and Instagram; sometimes on Facebook, and we occasionally post a vlog or two on our other (lifestyle) Youtube Channel: CHIAM TIME. Our content there is primarily based on sharing different aspects of our background/culture (Brunei), with a heavy dose of sibling stuff, sprinkled with music. Hope you enjoy our channel, and welcome to the fam! 🎉

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