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THE CHIAMS’ is a musical act consisting of three siblings: Estr (the eldest), Eden (the middle child) and Evan (the youngest). The siblings represent the burgeoning era of multiculturally diverse yet globally connected youth of today’s world.  The Chiams are Canadians, born and raised in Brunei Darussalam, ethnically Chinese, and British-curriculum educated. They proudly make music that fuses their unique upbring into their songs and style. Their music blends elements of the West – classical, hip hop, pop and the East –  kpop, ethnic and oriental music – to create a sound world that not only reflects their history, but resonates with the increasingly multi-faceted, and globalized generation of today’s society. 

Social Media Success

On Tiktok, the Chiams have amassed over 140 thousand followers. Initially known for their shorts skits around Bruneian culture and lifestyle, they grew their concept, transcending nationality and region by focusing on their innate love and care for one another as siblings. As performers, they incorporate a mixture of singing, dancing, acting, and playing instruments or a combination of those, into their videos.  Their channel has a dedicated following and the Chiams siblings are pleased to see many young fans teaming up with their own siblings to recreate the initial videos. 


Being Together:

Where you will find one, you will find the other. Together they’ve worked on multitudes of projects, feeding off each other’s creative energy. Eden and Evan may be principal roles on stage, while Estr leads the orchestra as concertmaster, Eden and Evan may sing and dance, while Estr fortifies the musical arrangements,  Eden records videos, Evan takes the photographs, and Estr ensures they all make it to location and back before dinner time. In whatever context or scenario, the siblings support and help each other, whether in recitals or regional competitions, as literal piano accompanists to as diverse as hair stylist, the three siblings have formed a braid of unique and complementary skills that bolster the whole team. 

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