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My Verse.
The same old cycle. The same old routine. The same old mentality driven from their own dreams. 
You can voyage through their realms but don't be imprisoned by it, within it. 
What's the use? Putting in all this work to impress them when all you get back is nothing. What was it all for?

This album is as much a personal journey as a musical experience
The lyrics and concepts of the album depict the inherent searching of one's inner value and worth.
The first step is always choosing to begin and saying Goodbye to the past


When you can't take it anymore. It’s time to let go.
Your restless drive tells you it's now time to develop.
Leave behind the old, and arise to create the greater you.
Understanding that the world, your oyster, has always been
open to you, for you.



With renewed passion and virtue, you set out to discover what really drives you. What motivates you? You finally realized that your purpose had always been
there, inside you. It’s in your DNA and now, you can


Track 3 - FLY

When you feel free, the weight of their world is no longer a limitation.
Your playground transforms into the fluffy, puffy clouds they see in their sky.

Your new perspective contains so much more as you watch from above.

You can see the grand design, and the infinite opportunities.

Now you know what you were born for and that’s exactly where you’re headed.


Your journey has purpose


You can land on the peaks of mountains, you can overcome the surging seas.

You can lift your eyes to the skies and realise this is not a dream.

This is your world. You can shape it, mold it and transform it.

Even if you cannot accept it, the oyster has always been yours.


Pause. Take the time to recall. Yes, the journey never stops but remember to look back at your youth, to recall the moments, milestones and achievements. Remember and respect your origin, your tribe and your heritage for all of it too, makes you, you.

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Who Are You

The World asks: Who Are You?

At some point, it’s normal to question your existence. Where did you come from? Who are you? Where are you going? It's all too easy to categorize yourself with the rest of the world. It’s all too easy to dismiss these deep questions. But asking yourself, Where do I stand? Who do I stand with and What do I stand for? Will help you waste less of life and focus on becoming who you are truly meant to be.


Will you remain a mannequin, constantly changing into their costumes, or rather, will you be a muse of your own making. An inspiration designed. You are special, you are original. So tell the World, Who are You.


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