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Evan Chiam Dao Ho, born March 28 2003, is twenty year old Bruneian-Canadian music producer, multi instrumentalist, content creator, and the youngest of the Chiam siblings.  Evan is an experienced composer, having written and produced the majority of the Chiams’ discography. As of October 2023, Evan brings his diploma tally to three: Piano, Violin, and now, his third from Recording Arts Canada (RAC), for which he studied Sound Engineering and Music Production.

Born:      March 28, 2003

Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam

Ethnicity Chinese

Citizenship Canadian

Education:  International School Brunei,

Jerudong International School 

Relatives: Estr Shian Li Chiam (sister), Eden Ye Den Chiam (sister)

Musical Career:

Instrument(s): Piano, Violin, Vocals

Genres:  Dream Pop, Electronic Pop, Oriental Cinematic & Classical

Label:     Independant

Chinese Name:

Chinese: 詹道和

Pin Yin: Zhān dào hé

Early Life & Childhood:

Evan was born on the 28th of March in 2003, last of three siblings. Evan spent his childhood in Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital city of a small, Southeast Asian nation, Brunei Darussalam. Growing up, he attended the International School of Brunei (ISB) from kindergarten to Year 6 and then transferred to Jerudong International School (JIS) for Year 7 to 11.

From age 3-4, Evan attended his mother’s music program for toddlers (EMG & EMF), gaining the ability to recognize notes by ear (perfect pitch) and recall beat patterns (rhythm recognition). From an early age he pursued various artistic activities, ranging from hip-hop classes, singing and playing in rock bands, joining school theater productions, as well as leading string ensembles and orchestras.

Annually, the Chiams’ mother would bring the three siblings to various competitions. From the age of 6 to 16, Evan competed in numerous piano, violin, and vocal categories in music competitions around the region: Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Vietnam and has won over forty various prizes and awards. The family believed in an integrated model of wholistic excellence, thereby alongside music, he also received 3 A's and 9 A*s for his iGCSE’s in secondary. 


Evan's Musical Background

Classical Music:

Evan is equally adept in his three main instruments, the violin, vocals and piano. Over the years, many of his maestros at various festivals recognise and point out his innate musicality, which was reinforced through the skills he acquired from EMG & EMF. This made him easily teachable, and flexible in any kind of musical setting thanks to his rhythmic recognition and perfect pitch. 

Evan completed his Piano Grade 8 (RCM Grade 10 equivalent) at the age of 12, Violin Grade 8 at the age of 14 and Vocal Grade 8 at 15 with distinctions. He also completed his ATCL diplomas (equivalent to first year university) for piano and the violin before turning 18. 

He has also won multiple national 1st and 2nd top-scorer prizes for his music exams such as the Excellence Award for Grade 8 Violin in the year 2016, Grade 8 Piano in 2015 as well as Vocal Grade 7 in 2017 plus many more for the lower grade levels.

Evan was also section master and then concertmaster for his high school orchestra during his time at the prestigious Jerudong International School, in Brunei, until he graduated in 2015.


Soloist - Evan competed domestically and regionally from 2009 to 2019 and has added over forty accolades to his name. Alongside his two sisters, Evan competed in the 4th Hong Kong International Music Festival (HKMIF IV), and placed 3rd in the Youth Classical Violin Category and 5th prize for the Youth Pop Voice category. In 2020, he competed in the EuroStrings Asia Competition in three piano categories and received two golds and one silver for his performances.

Ensemble - As a member and concert-master of the EM String Ensemble, he competed and won 1st Prize at the 2019 EuroStrings Asia and the Special Prize Award at the Asia Pacific Competition.


          Evan participated in the Perugia Piano Festival in 2013, Amalfi Piano Festival in 2016 and the 2020 International Maestro Piano Festival & Competition.

Musical Theatre & Dance:

Evan has always been an active member, either as an actor on stage, or section member in the orchestra pit, for his high school’s yearly production. 

At the age of 11, in his entering year, Evan was cast as the titular role of ‘Oliver’ in his high school’s production of ‘Oliver’ the musical and the person playing the role opposite him was his sister Eden Chiam who was casted as 'Dodger.' 

The following year (2015) Evan had a supporting role as a speaking member of the chorus in ‘Les Miserables’. 

For the production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (2016), Evan assumed the role of section leader for the second violin section, while his eldest sister, Estr, was concertmaster.

In 2017, Evan played the part of Rolf Gruber, in the ‘Sound of Music’ and in his penultimate year, he was cast in the principal role of 'Ryan' in 'High School Musical’.


Getting into Music Making:

Though Evan had been steadily building his portfolio in classical music and theater, it was only in 2019, when one of the three national radio stations (Progresif) sent out a pitch for songs by local musicians, Evan teamed up with his sister (Eden) to learn the fundamentals of music production to produce a song for submission. They co-produced two tracks (New and So Run) in two weeks and since then, Evan found his true passion for music production and sound engineering. 

In 2020, Evan released an EP Album as a joint collaboration with his sister Eden Chiam titled ‘My Inner Universe.’ They worked with Grammy-winning sound engineer and mixer (Nahuel Bronzini) & Piper Payne & Raelynn Jackie, mastering engineers from Nashville, TN.


Evan and his sister (Eden) co-wrote most of their discography. 

'Fly,' 'Dreamin' & 'In Your Eyes' were solely written by himself. 


Evan's other skills:

Evan is truly an artist, creativity extending into the visual arts. He is the graphic designer, principal photographer and videographer for the Chiams’ social media as well as all their album art. After feeling unsatisfied with the inability of seamstresses to capture his ideas for outfits, he learned the fundamentals of garment making and now designs, creates, and styles his own clothing from scratch. 


Fashion Design:

Evan began fashion designing in 2021. He creates and designs the outfits for THE CHIAM' music videos. 

He also creates every-day garments for The Chiams on social media.

Graphic Design:

Evan started graphic designing at the age of 12. He self-taught himself Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator through youtube. He is head designer and co-conceptualiser for 'The Chiams' plus 'Eden & Evan's' official album art and promotional media.


Evan picked up photography at the age of 12, and is the main photographer for most of 'The Chiams' and 'Eden & Evan's' promotional photographs.


Evan began video editing in 2020 to assist Eden. He now videograph's 'The Chiams' and 'Eden & Evan's' promotional videos