Evan was born on the 28th of March and he is the youngest of the three Chiams. He is in charge of producing, writing lyrics, singing, arranging and adjusting the songs they produce.

He was born in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei and has lived all of his life there. He predominately speaks English however he also speaks Chinese, Malay and Hainanese (paternal Chinese dialect).

Evan has played the piano and violin since he was a toddler and continues to progress on them in addition to his singing. He also truly believes he is a 'master at playing the triangle.' 


Evan has an Instagram account (@evanchiam) where he likes to post selfies and snippets of his life.
He studied 'Food & Nutrition' and 'Art & Design' while at school and loves to cook, paint and garden at home. Evan learns things very fast and likes to copy his sisters working. This enabled him to pick up video-editing and music transcription skills very quickly.


Evan is not only a light and cheerful being but he has a highly creative mind. This makes him enjoy interior decorating and coming up with their video concepts for their Youtube videos. Evan loves to be a part of the video conceptualisation discussion, as well as design and construct sets. He wholeheartedly embraces and thrives in a 'live in the moment' style of life. His personality is prone to being constantly bored and he doesn't like to do things repeatedly if it's not fun or not beneficial to him. He also is scared of cockroaches and doesn't like to get near insects. 

Other facts:

His favourite colour is brown and grey.

He has an Instagram account for his cat and dog (thepersiangeiger)

He did Taekwondo until yellow belt

He finds it hard to remember many lines in scripts and lyrics

He creates his own language to remember them

He doesn't like ball games and doesn't like sports that are out in the sun

He doesn't like seafood

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