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Eden was born on the 28th of May and she is the middle sibling of the three Chiams. She is in charge of videography, video editing, writing lyrics, singing, arranging and adjusting the songs they produce.

She was born in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei and has lived all of her life there. She predominately speaks English however she also speaks a little bit of Hainanese, French and Chinese.Eden loved singing ever since she was a young girl. She used to play piano like her siblings however, she dropped out after finding singing, dancing and acting came much more naturally to her. She can memorize lines and choreography with precision and will know the script in detail.

From winning at international music competitions to being lead in musicals, Eden along the years has accomplished many things. 

From a young age of 5 after completing her mothers (EMF) music course, she began her singing journey with great passion and hard work. She won regional singing divisions with top marks despite her young age and accomplished her Grade 8 Vocals at the early age of 15. Because of this, she was scouted by her school to play her first lead role of ‘The Artful Dodger’ in the Musical ‘Oliver’ in 2015 alongside her brother who was ‘Oliver’. Then going on to play ‘Enjolras’ who was the leader of the rebellions in ‘Les Miserables,’ She loved acting as much as singing making her pursue straight plays like ‘39 Steps’ and ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream,’ playing roles such as ‘Titania’ and the evil professor. Eden was becoming a skillful character who could not only play soft daity characters, but even master playing the heavier, dark and comical characters.

Her most leading role was when she played the character ‘Maria’ in ‘The Sound of Music,’ singing songs such as ‘The Sound of Music’, ‘Do, Re, Mi’ & ‘The Lonely Goatherd.’ Because of the vast amount of emotions and technique to sing these genres and styles, Eden has learnt and experienced many things to be able to do this. Because of that, she has already started teaching a few students with some already accomplishing Solo Recitals and lead roles in Musicals. This garnered attention from famous social media singing coaches such as ‘Ceryl Porter’ and some others. 

Eden works very hard on perfecting her students' performances, technique and style. 

In conjunction to musicals, Eden is also a diverse singer who can also sing R&B, Pop and Jazz genres. 

She won the 4th Year International Hong Kong Competition, Youth Pop Voice category and established the top award of the youth division. 

She also works very hard on herself making sure that they have a good role model and achiever to follow in the footsteps in, because of this mentality, Eden also achieved prized awards from her school in both performing arts and academia. Getting awards such as IGCSE Music Award & A Level Music Awards in her school as well as IGCSE Drama were already outstanding. However she didn’t stop there. 

She also loved the understanding of Media Studies, videography and visual arts which propelled her to also get the IGCSE and A Level award for Media Studies. Not to mention that she was always the top students in class achieving A’s and A*’s for mostly all subjects.


Eden is a perfectionist and always looks out for the best of people. However Eden is also multi talented in not only Music but also drama and visual arts.


Eden's Instagram account is @edenchiam where she likes to post about her singing students, fitness and other things she has learnt in life. She studied Media Studies in conjunction with Drama and Music at school, which makes her the ideal video editor and director for all their digital projects out of the three. Eden also takes her time to do things and makes sure that they are perfect before showing others. She believes that it is more effective to present something excellent right away, than to do something mediocre and go back and forth adjusting it.

Eden is a kind and thoughtful person who cares about how people feel. This makes her very friendly to people. She also loves being with small children and teaching them new things especially to do with music. 

Other facts:

Her favourite colours are gold and pink

She loves to do exercise and sports

She loves musicals and plays 

Eden is a morning person

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