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‘The CHIAMS’ comprise of siblings Shian Li (Pianist, Violinist), Eden (Singer-Songwriter) Evan (Pianist, Violinist, Singer). Hailing from South-East Asia, this musical-sibling group grew up frequently performing together for various personal as well as corporate events under their family music school “Expression Music Academy”. They underwent the EMG & EMF program and progressed to classical training (Shian Li & Evan) alongside theater training in school (Eden & Evan). 


The Chiam sound is very much about breaking stereotypes. It is about the blending of the East and West, creating a fresh electronic-pop texture with trap/hiphop based beats—broadly reflecting the music of today— whilst sprinkling classical, oriental and world elements into their music. The final sound aims to represent and reflect the incredible diversity of their musical and personal upbringing.


Inspired by a vast array of musical influences: from Beethoven to Beyonce to BTS, from Bach to Blackpink the Chiams draw from a rich heritage of music and aim to bring it to their listeners. 


Their secondary skills are also highly complementary to the group. Shian Li with content creation, Eden with filmography, Evan with illustration and design. Their energy and passion for the creative arts in general form a highly coveted group dynamic that make them a unique brand. 

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Shian Li Chiam (21)
Eden Chiam (19)
Evan Chiam (17)