‘The CHIAMS’ comprise of siblings Shian Li (Pianist, Violinist), Eden (Singer-Songwriter) Evan (Pianist, Violinist, Singer). Hailing from South-East Asia, this musical-sibling group grew up frequently performing together for various personal as well as corporate events under their family music school “Expression Music Academy”. They underwent the EMG & EMF program and progressed to classical training (Shian Li & Evan) alongside theater training in school (Eden & Evan). 


The Chiam sound is very much about breaking stereotypes. It is about the blending of the East and West, creating a fresh electronic-pop texture with trap/hiphop based beats—broadly reflecting the music of today— whilst sprinkling classical, oriental and world elements into their music. The final sound aims to represent and reflect the incredible diversity of their musical and personal upbringing.


Inspired by a vast array of musical influences: from Beethoven to Beyonce to BTS, from Bach to Blackpink the Chiams draw from a rich heritage of music and aim to bring it to their listeners. 


Their secondary skills are also highly complementary to the group. Shian Li with content creation, Eden with filmography, Evan with illustration and design. Their energy and passion for the creative arts in general form a highly coveted group dynamic that make them a unique brand. 


“You must Live to be Outstanding”

Born into the Expression Music family, Shian Li has been making music since the age of 3 and competing in music festivals around the world since the age of 7. At the age of 8, she obtained a Grade 8 (with Distinction) in both Piano and Violin and eventually achieved a Distinction in Piano in the Trinity (UK) ATCL Diploma Exam. To date, she has amassed a total of 71 prestigious awards and performed internationally in Canada, USA, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, London, Qatar, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and The Philippines.

Some highlights from young include:

  • 2nd Prize at the 4th Hong Kong International Festival in 2017

  • 1st Prize Gold Combo Band at the 23rd KK Music Society in 2016

  • 1st Prize Combo Band Regional Trinity UK Pop & Soul Contest in 2015

  • the Jr Grand Champion Instrumentalist of the World (WCOPA) in 2014

  • 1st Place String Ensemble, Malaysian Youth Orchestra Festival (MYOF) in 2013

  • 1st Prize at the 1st Steinwey Competition in Brunei in 2012

  • 1st Prize JIS Idol Showcase, Brunei

She was also invited to perform at launches such as:

  • DIO Navi Tooth Implant in 2016

  • Volvo Trucks in 2016

  • The Royal Brunei Airlines Dreamliner in 2013

  • Mazda 6 in 2013

  • Mercedes Benz’s A Class Sport Car in 2013

Over the years, Shian Li had the privilege to study with renowned maestros/professors at many different Piano Festivals such as Amalfi Music Fest, Italy 2017; Perugia Music Fest, Italy 2014; Adam Gyorgy Castle Academy in Hungary 2013,2020; OMWPA in Yehudi Menuhin, UK 2012.

Shian Li is now in her 3rd Year Bachelor of Music, Piano Performance Program at the Schulich School of Music, Montreal Canada and is currently studying under Dr. Ilya Poletaev.


From winning at international music competitions to being lead in musicals, Eden along the years has accomplished many things. 

From a young age of 5 after completing her mothers (EMF) music course, she began her singing journey with great passion and hard work. She won regional singing divisions with top marks despite her young age and accomplished her Grade 8 Vocals at the early age of 15. Because of this, she was scouted by her school to play her first lead role of ‘The Artful Dodger’ in the Musical ‘Oliver’ in 2015 alongside her brother who was ‘Oliver’. Then going on to play ‘Enjolras’ who was the leader of the rebellions in ‘Les Miserables,’ She loved acting as much as singing making her pursue straight plays like ‘39 Steps’ and ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream,’ playing roles such as ‘Titania’ and the evil professor. Eden was becoming a skillful character who could not only play soft daity characters, but even master playing the heavier, dark and comical characters.

Her most leading role was when she played the character ‘Maria’ in ‘The Sound of Music,’ singing songs such as ‘The Sound of Music’, ‘Do, Re, Mi’ & ‘The Lonely Goatherd.’ Because of the vast amount of emotions and technique to sing these genres and styles, Eden has learnt and experienced many things to be able to do this. Because of that, she has already started teaching a few students with some already accomplishing Solo Recitals and lead roles in Musicals. This garnered attention from famous social media singing coaches such as ‘Ceryl Porter’ and some others. 

Eden works very hard on perfecting her students' performances, technique and style. 

In conjunction to musicals, Eden is also a diverse singer who can also sing R&B, Pop and Jazz genres. 

She won the 4th Year International Hong Kong Competition, Youth Pop Voice category and established the top award of the youth division. 

She also works very hard on herself making sure that they have a good role model and achiever to follow in the footsteps in, because of this mentality, Eden also achieved prized awards from her school in both performing arts and academia. Getting awards such as IGCSE Music Award & A Level Music Awards in her school as well as IGCSE Drama were already outstanding. However she didn’t stop there. 

She also loved the understanding of Media Studies, videography and visual arts which propelled her to also get the IGCSE and A Level award for Media Studies. Not to mention that she was always the top students in class achieving A’s and A*’s for mostly all subjects.


Eden is a perfectionist and always looks out for the best of people. However Eden is also multi talented in not only Music but also drama and visual arts.


Unlike his sisters who predominantly play one instrument. Evan plays three instruments: Violin, Vocals and Piano. First training under Lily Chiam’s (EMG & EMF) course, Evan gained musicality, rhythmic precision and perfect pitch at a very young age. This allowed his cognitive, assertive and kinesthetic behaviour to be quite high.

Trained classically, Evan completed his Piano Grade 8 at the age of twelve, Violin Grade 8 at the age of 14 with both Distinctions. He also completed his Vocal Grade 8 at the age of 15 with a Distinction not to mention completing his Violin Diploma and Piano Diploma at under the age of 18. This determination and commitment allowed Evan to win multiple national prizes such as the Excellence Award for Grade 8 Violin back in 2016, Grade 8 Piano back in 2015 as well as Vocal Grade 7 in 2017 as well as many more for the younger grades.

Evan competed domestically and regionally for many years -winning many awards in his short lifetime. He also competed with his sister in the 4th Year International Hong Kong Competition, Youth Pop Voice category and Youth Classical Violin Category getting the 5th and 3rd prize respectively. He also attended various piano festivals around Europe as well as in Asia. One was the Perugia Piano Festival and Maestro Piano International Festival early this year. Evan had also done string orchestra and pop orchestra for many years and has experience working in large groups as leader, soloist and also as supporting roles for the orchestra. One of his many ensemble achievements include competing in the 2019 EuroStrings Asia and Asia Pacific competition with an ensemble as the leader during the summer of 2019 and getting the 1st Prize and Special Prize during the Semi’s and Finals night.

Evan has also done various musicals in the past as well. He played the main role of ‘Oliver’ in the musical ‘Oliver’ as well as the one of the main principal ‘Ryan’ in ‘High School Musical’ the Musical. The experience has very much taught Evan to act and dance at the same time whilst carrying the emotions of a character. 

Along with acting and playing musical instruments, Evan also songwriters and compose music. He got full marks during his IGCSE O’Level exam for composition and plans to take that further for his career. From Classical to Pop genre, Evan can seemingly mix both together or keep to it’s boundaries and for that, many who have heard his limited tracks have called him a ‘composition genius’ or a ‘modern mozart.’ He is now preparing for the launch of his joint collaboration with his sister Eden for their newest EP Album ‘My Inner Universe’ set to debut this September 26th 2020. He as well as sister wrote, produced and arranged all of their songs from scratch to finish.

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