Shian Li was born on the 13th of May and she is the oldest of the three Chiams. She is in charge of chord arranging, adjusting the songs they produce, things to do with words, marketing and strategy for the group.

She was born in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei and has lived most of her life there. She is currently in the third year of her music degree in Piano Performance at the Schulich School of Music at Mcgill University, Montreal in Canada. Shian Li is predominately an English speaker however, she can understand and communicate in French, Chinese and Malay if the occasion rises. Shian Li began learning music at a very young age. She underwent her mother's music appreciation course: Expression Music Genius/Fun (EMG & EMF) which enabled her to acquire perfect pitch and grasp music fundamentals as a toddler. She strives to make musical theory concepts more accessible and understandable for everyone.  Shian Li also loves to be stylish. She enjoys planning her outfits which makes her the most into fashion in their family. 


Shian Li's Instagram account is @shianlichiam where she posts pieces of her personal thoughts and life events. Shian Li also has a perfectionist type of personality. She will make sure everything she does is to utmost perfection before saying she has finished. 

Other facts:

Her favourite colour is blue and purple

She loves reading books and listening to podcasts

She enjoys exercising and doing workouts

She loves to wear dark coloured clothes

She loves having hardcore debates with people 

She loves listening to Electronic Jazz as well as Classical music

She loves playing with her stuffed animals 

She hates being disorganised

She doesn't like to do last minute planning.

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